GOOD & GETTING BETTER: Biofuels are clearly the way forward for the planet. They are good and getting better, as discussed in this recent video by Professor David N. Ruzic of the University of Illinois:

His comments are based on the use of corn and other foodstuffs. He concludes that Biofuels:
– are marginally cost effective depending on the location and availability of supply,
– make great sense environmentally, helping to cut air pollution, and
– have a big future using waste as an alternative to food.

BEST: The Benchmark Green Bond is funding the Biofuel expansion of Woodlands Biofuel, based in Toronto, Canada. The exceptional benefits of this Biofuel are:
Woodlands do not use any food at all and hence the input cost will be substantially lower.
– The source material is not market driven as it comes entirely from waste.

In summary, our economics are substantially more favourable, with a total variable cash cost per gallon of $1.15 (including debt amortization), giving huge benefits without having to rely on tax relief of any kind. For comparison, the factory gate cost of the only competition, based on food and through a Fermentation Process, is $2.40 per gallon.

These claims have been validated through independent reviews by third parties on key issues, including validation of technology performance and low cost of production as well as confirmation of commercial readiness.

AND…. The total production for the first 10 years has been presold to a major fuel supplier in North America.

This interview with Greg Nuttall, President and CEO of Woodlands Biofuel, presents an overview of the business:

Simply put, this diagram shows the key benefits of a Woodlands Plant: