Welcome to our Blog and new website for Benchmark International, where you can follow us on our journey towards sustainable growth and help create the circular economy.

Since the completion of our sale at the end of January 2019, our strategic alliances in waste to energy and sustainable food production have helped us source a number of exciting projects. At the same time, we are working our way through the process for our Green Bond and ensuring our compliance with all the detailed and necessary steps.

The Benchmark Token is of great importance to us. A key aspect of the value of the BMK is to ensure that it’s value is underpinned by projects. In converting our Benchmark Utility Token (BMK) to Benchmark Security Tokens (BEST), each BMK owner have a direct interest in the success of the related projects.

With this whole process, the technical and legal requirements are detailed, time consuming and expensive. We are working continually and painstakingly to ensure that we do everything correctly and achieve our goals.

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