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Welcome Jackie!

We welcome Jackie Geisen to our Green Bond Committee. Jackie is based in Luxembourg and is the the owner of Greenlit Consulting, who consulted with us in the establishment our our Green Bond Framework. She is a Certified Expert in Climate & Real Estate Finance from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Her

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Caribbean Residency & a Dutch Passport through Benchmark

Benchmark is working towards a listing on the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange, based in Curacao, using the Investor Permit Program. Investors in Benchmark will have the opportunity to take up residence in Curacao and to qualify for a Dutch/EEC Passport. The listing on the Securities Exchange will provide Benchmark

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Biofuels: Good, Better, Best…..

GOOD & GETTING BETTER: Biofuels are clearly the way forward for the planet. They are good and getting better, as discussed in this recent video by Professor David N. Ruzic of the University of Illinois: His comments are based on the use of corn and other foodstuffs. He concludes that Biofuels: - are marginally

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The New Economy is Circular

Benchmark is financing waste to energy systems and food sustainability projects to help create the new economy, the Circular Economy, using Green Bonds. We help eliminate landfills. We regard drip irrigation and/or aquaponics systems is an indispensable part of any food project to optimise water usage. Benchmark International creates multiple opportunities in all countries

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Yes to Green Bonds: Harvard Business Review

As Benchmark is busy finalising it's Green Bond Prospectus, an article from the Harvard Business Review gives a very positive picture on the future of Green Bonds. Some quotes are: "The past five years have seen explosive growth in “corporate green bonds” " "Have they delivered positive environmental results? Do they contribute to the

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The Circular Economy

The Circular Economy means we waste as little as possible and use/re-use as often as is practical, extracting maximum value from each resource. In the process, we go a very long way to eliminating landfills. While the diagram above gives a solid idea of the principle, the following provides much more background: WRAP, a

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